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Anyone can start a blog or an online community around their passion on — and anyone can turn that passion into a livelihood. 

To date,’s payments features have processed more than $25 million in payments for our users and more than 1,000 websites are adding new payments features each week.

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Endless possibilities

Lots of sites are supported by paid memberships: Painters. Yoga teachers. Musicians. Coin collectors. Small businesses, yes, but also amateur filmmakers, poets, journalists, recipe developers, bloggers.

With a membership-based business model, you publish great content, and your fans sustain you with regular monthly payments. Creators can devote their full attention to their work and website while earning a living. Members get to ensure their beloved creators keep creating, and connect with other people who love the same things they do.

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Premium content

In this particular tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use to create a paid membership website, giving paid subscribers access to private content via the Premium Content block.