Add the Premium Content block

The new block editor will open your creative floodgates. No more shortcodes, tags, and categories — instead, you’ll be designing the pages and blog posts of your dreams with familiar elements like paragraph, images, and buttons. 

The Premium Content block requires that readers have a paid subscription to access anything it contains. The Premium Content block restricts access to a piece of your page (or a post) only to paying subscribers and prompts non-subscribers to sign up. And since it’s just another block, you manage the whole thing right from the editor where you’re already drafting.

Rather than restricting access to a whole page (or your whole website), the Premium Content block limits access only to the specific content you put in that block. It gives you a delicate way to give extra value to the special members of your community who opt into supporting, you while still welcoming all visitors with open arms.

Adding the block

Click on one of the [ + ] icons — either in the bar at the top of the screen, or in the editor — to add a new block to your post. Type “Premium” into the search field to find the Premium Content block. Select it to insert it into your post:

A paid plan is required

The Premium Content block requires a paid plan — it’s included with every paid plan, from Personal to eCommerce. If you’re on the Free plan, we’ll prompt you to upgrade to a paid plan so you can use use the Premium Content block. takes a percentage of any revenue you earn from the Premium Content block. The amount is based on the plan you have: Plan Related Fees eCommerce No additional fees Business 2% of revenue Premium 4% of revenue Personal 8% of revenue Free Unavailable

This allows you to offer premium content with minimal upfront investment. As you collect more subscribers, it may make sense to move to a higher plan to retain more revenue.

Once you have the Premium Content block installed and you’re on a paid plan, you’ll be asked to connect to Stripe — that’s the payment processor that gets the money from your subscribers to your bank account.