Add your first payment plan

Once you’ve connected your Stripe account to, create your first payment plan.

Add a new subscription plan

Go into the page draft with your Premium Content block, and click on the block to open its options and settings. Then, click the subscriptions dropdown in the toolbar and choose “Add a new subscription”:

In the right-hand column, edit the details of your payment plan. Give this plan a name, add the price, and pick a renewal interval — one-time, monthly,  or yearly.

Once you set these details and click “Add subscription,” this subscription plan will be associated with this Premium Content block. Anyone who wants to preview the content in this block will need to become a paid subscriber.

You can manage your subscriptions, see you subscribers, and monitor your revenue at any time by going to → My Sites → Earn → Payments

Offer multiple subscription options

Want to offer multiple memberships with access to different kinds of content? Add a separate Premium Content block for each membership option.

Now, time to start adding your premium content.