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Connect to your audience

Paid subscribers forge a relationship with you, trusting you to to get creative in exchange for their financial support. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Your members sustain you so you can explore the full range of your passion — a paid membership site is a huge, exciting step toward financial and creative freedom.

Build with blocks

The Subscriber View contains the content your subscribers are paying for. This is where you put the writing, premium videos, or amazing tips and insights your subscribers want to access. You can add any blocks you want to the Subscriber view. 


When new content is ready to go, make sure that any content that you want to keep for subscribers is wrapped in the Premium Content block.

Remember: as the author, you see the subscriber-only content on your site. To see how the post or page looks for non-subscribers, visit the page using an incognito browser window.

Good luck! We wish you the very best in building a profitable following.