Edit your subscriber section

Visitors can become paying subscribers right inside the Premium Content block via the Non-subscriber View. You can also add signup buttons to other parts of your website using the Payments block buttons.

Non-subscriber View

Here’s where you explain what membership gets you. This is a good place for  longer sales copy that includes testimonials, comparisons with the competition, or a sneak peek of your best work.

Payments block buttons

One alternative way you have is to add people to a subscription is through the use of a payments block. The payments block uses the same recurring payment plans behind the scene as the premium content block, so you can use them interchangeably.

Add a Payments button

The Payments button is a block that you can insert into posts and pages.

  1. Go to My Site → Site → Pages/Posts
  2. Edit the Page or Post you want to add the Payment button to
  3. Add a new block by clicking the ( + ) icon, or type `/` to start searching for blocks
  4. Search for “payments”

You can read more about the payments block in this support article.


Take a look at the “Join” page on Longreads.com, an Automattic owned online publication that publishes and curates nonfiction storytelling and funds its work with memberships:

Membership Management

Subscribers can cancel their plan at any time right from their WordPress.com account without any effort on your part. 

Let’s take a look at how you can manage your subscribers.