Use the Premium Content block

The Premium Content block has two tabs: Subscriber View and Non-subscriber View.

The Subscriber View holds your exclusive content. Add Text blocks, Video blocks, Images blocks, or any other block right within this tab — the familiar [+] sign, down at the bottom right — and only logged-in subscribers will be able to see them. Any content on the page that’s not inside the the Premium Content block’s Subscriber View will be remain available to the general public.

Non-members will see the content in the Non-Subscriber View, where you add content via blocks in the same way:

This is a great place to explain the benefits of signing up and the perks or being a member. New visitors can still see your header and some free teaser content, along with an introduction to your membership options that helps them decide whether to subscribe.

Once you publish the page containing the Premium Content block, your membership program is active and your fans can start supporting you.

Making existing content exclusive

If you have existing blog posts or pages you think visitors would pay to access, you can move them into a Premium Content block. 

Open the editor, select the text or media, and click the block icon:

If you wish, select multiple blocks and move them all to a Premium Content block at the same time:


Once you select “Premium Content,” your blocks will be moved into the Subscriber View of a Premium Content block.

Turn on Paid Newsletter functionality

To let followers opt into receiving new premium content via email, turn on the “Posts via email” option in your paid membership plan settings found under the email tab:

Once this feature is turned on, subscribers will be able to opt into receiving premium content from you via email.

You’ve now added your premium content, so it’s time to edit your subscriber page.